#Person: Taemin



Taemin ah~ y u so sweet _ಥ <3

I love you I love you I love you.

The last gif…..he gave her a proper hug, he really held her, and you can tell he really, really meant it.

That is one of the warmest hugs I have ever seen him give.

He is such a warm, loving person, it’s like he emits love and happiness.

Whenever I see anyone saying anything negative about him now, about him having attitude problems and being rude etc, I am going to show them this.

He has grown up since an extremely young age in the public eye, surrounded by people praising him, and telling him he is better than everyone else, and look at him.

He’s so down to earth and wonderful, it shows how easy he is able to drop the whole ‘idol’ front, this has just shown to me, and I am sure many other people that even though he appears to be getting ‘colder’ in some respects, ALL he is doing is growing up, and with growing up, he is also growing up to appreciate every single type of person, no matter what background they are from, no matter what their circumstances.

Many people will say ‘anyone would act like this’ but I am sorry no not everyone would.

The other thing is, we all state how happy he makes us from afar, but he has also managed to bring a smile to a lovely girl in person, now that really shows how lovely he is, and if you cannot appreciate this boy for who he has just shown himself to be then….well I don’t really have anything to say.

Taemin, I know it’s cheesy and cliché, but always stay true to your heart, because if you do, you will not only stay true to yourself and enable yourself to stay happy, but you will bring happiness to everyone around you, and that really shows someone special. 

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