#TV: Band of Brothers

make me choose → winters/speirs or lipton/speirs asked by breathxme

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Jealous Boyfriends

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#Person: Leonardo Dicaprio

Make me choose

anonymous asked: Leonardo Dicaprio or Johnny Depp

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omg is there a rumor that he is?

apparently there’s a chance he might play Steve Jobs

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gets down on my hands and knees

pls God don’t let Leo do anymore biopics for awhile

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#Person: Sungmin
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#where's my alpha pan


Fact: Pansexuals travel and hunt in packs with asexuals. Each pack is led by two people- the Alpha Pan and the Alpha Ace.

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Make Me Choose

zuzzolek asked: rick or and daryl

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yeah if u ever got time to kill its a gr8 review, it goes into how titanic was edited from a sort of action/suspense thing to a more romance thing, james cameron, issues with the script, that damn celine dion song, etc

I’ll check it out for sure!

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#god bless
#TV: Spongebob

Bold & Brash
S. Tentacles, 2001

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