#TV: The Walking Dead

A monster, a monster, And it keeps getting stronger.

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#Movie: Wolf of Wall Street
make me choose | liesandaffectations asked: the great gatsby or the wolf of wall street
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#TV: The Walking Dead

make me choose: like-a-winter-machine asked the farm or woodbury

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#TV: The Walking Dead
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#my heart
#TV: The Walking Dead
He told me the other day that he was proud of me. That I was a good man. I’m not….I know more now, about what he wanted from me and I tried but…I still have these thoughts. I’m not what he thinks I am.  I’m just another monster, too.
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#Movie: Atonement

I love you. I’ll wait for you. Come back. Come back to me.

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#TV: Shameless

favorite character meme ★ [4/5] episodes  - cascading failures

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#Ship: Titanic
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#talking about the Earth Day jokes on the dash

go away, Leonardo Dicaprio

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#Music: Super Junior

most adorable cup stacking fail ever

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