#Music: 2NE1


The love of my youth ended like that
You have to be happy
Even after a long time has passed
Let’s remember each other
Back then when we had each other

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#third picture lmao
#Person: Andrew Lincoln
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#Person: Donghae
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#Person: Lauren Cohan


Lauren Cohan photographed by Simon Perry

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#Comic: TWD


Make me choose:

asked: Carl’s blasted off eye or Rick’s amputated hand

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#TV: The Walking Dead
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I don’t know how to deal with stress so I’m making teriyaki chicken at midnight

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#TV: The Walking Dead

Make Me Choose
asked Meghan Chambler or Sophia

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#Music: Secret

1/50 mvs that i’ll always love

↳ secret’s madonna.

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#Person: Norman Reedus


Ultimate Photo Collection of Norman Reedus [14/]

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