current emotion: crying about Rickyl

hobbies: thinking about Rickyl, crying about Rickyl

likes: Rickyl

dislikes: not having Rickyl

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The Nod is used to indicate agreement, acceptance, or acknowledgment. Nodding is also used to show respect and recognition. In this way, it is similar to bowing, without additional formality.

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#Person: Steven Yeun

"When I first heard that I was going to be in the issue I asked if they were sure… That was the first thing I asked. Then, maybe the second question was: Is this a joke? But you know, it’s an honor!"

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#TV: Band of Brothers

make me choose → day or night asked by nonormynolife

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#TV: The Walking Dead
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#Person: Jaehyo
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the internet frustrates me so bad sometimes

every single time something happens to a ship people gotta go crazy and say stuff like “TITANIC IS HAPPENING AGAIN” and it drives me up the wall

or there’s the people saying “TITANIC HAPPENED ON THE SAME DAY OMG XD” it’s really horrible and disrespectful to the people that died yesterday and the hundreds of people still missing

it’s just flat out rude imo

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#Person: Andrew Lincoln

Andrew Lincoln in Inside The Walking Dead [x]

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#TV: The Walking Dead

everything i see is RED.

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I wanna stick my face in an ice cream cake right now

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